Transparent Blood Splatter PNG Images Free Download

Blood Splatter PNG Images - Blood is a type of high-class animal cell, consisting of many organic and inorganic substances, a slightly saline, viscous, alkaline, and reddish-thick liquid that flows regularly through the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries. Blood is a type of connective tissue. Blood mainly carries oxygen, carbon dioxide and other wastes to the body. Blood is our body's fuel. The human body contains 7% of total weight by blood (average human body contains 5-6 liters of blood). Blood pH is slightly alkaline at 6.35-6.45 (average 6.40). Human blood temperature36 - 38 degrees Celsius (average 37 degrees Celsius). The relative density of blood is higher than that of water, about 1.085. Blood tastes salty due to the presence of inorganic salts. Blood circulates throughout the body through specific vessels.
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