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Speech Bubble PNG Images - Speech bubbles are used in comics and are a visual representation of the dialogues of characters appearing in comics in empty spaces other than drawings.
Speech balloons are drawn in order to visually integrate the dialogues of the characters in the comics. Speech bubbles especially contribute to the non-visual part of the content, the voice/sound content part.
It is customary to use a round balloon with a triangular tip attached to it. In addition, speech balloons express the thoughts of the characters in addition to the dialogues of the characters. In this case, as is customary, fill in the space between the speech bubble and the character with small circles.
The shape of the speech bubble may vary depending on the cartoonist. Also, even the same artist may use different shapes of speech balloons for different works, from different perspectives. 
In the history of the visual arts in the West, it is at least before the 13th century that labels stating what a person or object depicted in a picture is saying has appeared.
With the development of the cartoon industry in the 20th century, the appearance of speech bubbles became common. However, there is a big difference between the speech bubble expression practices independently developed in the US and Japan.
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