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Light PNG Images - Light is a kind of energy or external cause, which enters the eye and gives rise to the feeling of vision. Light makes the object visible, but it itself disappears. We do not see the light, but see the illuminated object. Light is a kind of diffused energy. It is a kind of wave. Light travels from one place to another in the form of oblique electromagnetic waves. The speed of light varies with the medium. The speed of light is disproportionate to the density of the medium.
The speed of light through zero is the highest, the speed of light is not infinite. The speed of light in space is 29,98,92,454 meters per second or 1,6,000 miles. It is not possible to touch the speed of light in any way. There is no relative speed of light. The speed of light is always equal. Visible light is basically just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. White light is a mixture of seven colors, with a prism the light can be separated into different colors (8 colors). Which we see in the rainbow. There is reflection, refraction, refraction, distortion of light. Surprisingly, particle religion and wave religion exist at the same time.
Scientists have so far come up with four theories to explain how light from a luminous object comes into our eyes. Namely- 1. Sir Isaac Newton's Corpuscular Theory Scientist Hygen's Wave Theory 3. Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory 4. Einstein explained this phenomenon in 1905 with the help of Max Planck's Quantum Theory, the Quantum Theory of Light, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.
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