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Transparent American Flag PNG Black and White PNG Images - The national flag of the United States was officially inaugurated on July 4, 1960. The flag displays thirteen equally horizontal orbits alternating in red (above and below) and white with a blue rectangle (specifically referred to as the "union") in the shield angle on which there are 50 small, five-pointed white stars, arranged in nine downward horizontal rows, where rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternate with rows of five stars.
The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 States of the United States and the 13 orbits represent the 13 British colonies declaring their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and thus becoming the first states of the United States. Nicknames for the flag include Stars and Stripes ("stars and orbits"), Old Glory ("old glory"), and the Star-Spangled Banner ("star-studded banner"). According to Article 2 of the US Flag Act, after the approval of a new state from the next 4 July (Independence Day) a further star will be added.
The colors red, white and blue are derived from the Union Jack as the flag of the British colonies in North America. The colors have the following symbolism: white for purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness and blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice.
The United States national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, refers to the flag of the United States. June 14 is Flag Day, although it is only a public holiday in Pennsylvania and American Samoa (June 17).
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